Winter swans and when we two parted essay

Both of these poems have a lot in common such as they are both about a relationship, and both have a bit of negativity in it and theme of both of them are very depressing.

Winterms swans is about the relationship of two swans and that maybe it is suggesting that they are parting when swans stay with there partner for a life time and in the poem the writer sets it to be a very sad start including dark water and rain ” 2 days of rain” this could symbolise that the relationship between the two swans haven’t been good for a couple of days and they are gna split up. when we two parted is about a relationship ending too and has a very sad scene ” pale grew thy cheek and cold” the scene is a very cold scenes which could suggest that it is been a very bad day.

They both have a bit of negativity

Winter swans and when we two parted

I would compare when we two parted with the winter swans because they are both to do with a relationship and have rain involved In it that is why I think these two poems are comparable

To key points of the poems is

Relationship because they both are about a relationship that might be falling apart

Negative tone because in when we r two parted has a negative tone to it

A very gloomy scene in both because they are both raining and have a very depressing feeling to it

and both of them have a something to do with both of the characters and about their story






Winter swans questions

The effect of pathetic fallacy is that it is giving giving the weather human attributes this makes us feel that they are talking about humans

The central metaphor is


The last stanza is about the 2 swans holding hands

Winter swans by owen sheers

The stanza I will choose is stanza 2 this stanza is about the earth drawing because it rained for 2 days.










Sonnet 29

A metaphor in this poem is “my thoughts do twine and bud about thee,as wild vines about a tree. this is a metaphor because she is saying that her thoughts are fighting her because they are around her and maybe she feels that she is trapped in her thoughts like a tree Is trapped with vines.

Another language technique used in this sonnet is enjourment

Exam practice

A stormy day at the village it was raining like never before it was like the gods were angry at us for doing something wrong.

On day I was going to the farm to check if any foxes have eaten the cows or sheep over night when I saw the abandoned train tracks being usedone again for a mysterious reason amd the waves were pushing against the train like they were trying to stop it from going any further. but the train kept moving on, this was happening everyday and it will only get stormy when the train is about to approach the village, could the train ahve something to do with the storm.


Which poem could u compare to ‘walking away’

The poem that i think tgat went well with walking away and mother any distance. The reason i think this is because they both are about someone part of a family and they are slowly moving away from someone eles life

Both the poems are about the farther and the mothers childern and both of them have been seperate from their children. Mother from any distance is about a son moving out from his parents house and being free and walking away is about one of the writers son and how the writer left.


Father prospective

Dear farther
I have seen ur poem and i felt really sad and i wish we can bring all the happy days back. After i read the peom i want to go back and live those days again and never forget them.

Somethimes i wonder why did u ever leave but sometimes i wonder was it the right choice? But its ok the most important thing is u stayed in contact and by this poem i have now realised u have not forgotten me and that fills the empty slace in my heart.

Thank you dad from sean

Mother any distance poem

I think that the anchor represents the mother and the kite represents the son because the mother is holding the son back when he was younger and now that he hasaid his own house he feels free like a kite is in the air.

‘You at zero-end,me with the spool of tape,recording length, reporting metres, centimetres back to basics the leaving up the stairs’ this quote could be saying that maybe that now him and his mother are going in different ways because it says leaving up the stairs could mean she is leaving forever.

When the son was smaller maybe he was entirely allowed to meet his friends or have people over and now he has his own house he is free.

“The breaking point” this quote can mean that maybe the son and mother have had a lot of fights in the past and this house is the breaking point of the fights and is going to separate them forever because his house his really far from his mother’s house.



Tempest homework

The tempest is about a wizard named Prospero getting revenge on his brother for kicking him out of naples and taking the role of the Duke.
The main characters are Prospero Miranda Ferdinand Gonzalo Antonio Ariel
Prospero and his daughter Miranda got sent to a island where Prospero mastered his magic and got revenge on his brother.
His Prospero made his brothers ship sink but saved everyone on board and put them on the island. He kept Ferdinand away from them so Miranda can find Ferdinand and and be her first love.
Prospero put them all on a mission on the island to find Ferdinand but this was part of Prospero plan. Once he thought it was enough he got everyone to his home and forgave everyone for what they have done and got Ferdinand and and Miranda married.


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